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A drug design support tool for the structural analysis of the risk for reactive metabolite formation

SpotRM supports your decisions on important safety aspects of new drug structures by pointing out potentially bad motifs/structural features that can cause reactive metabolites. This web-based tool collects extensive knowledge in a format that allows quick access to the original literature. By regularly using it, you will quickly gain an understanding of why and how misdirected metabolism can be a grave problem. Whenever possible, guidance to avoid or replace the particular structural alert is given.

Key features include:

  • Identification of potential hazards in your structure(s) using a carefully designed set of structural alerts
  • Real drug examples (330+) illustrate the links between structural alerts and adverse drug effects
  • Concise summary documents, mostly one-pagers, explain the background and are extensively crosslinked.
  • Includes a large selection of links to web-based information, such as literature references, LiverTox, DailyMed and more
  • Several micro-reviews that put the most common reactive metabolite mechanisms into context

The basic principles and the design and selection of the structural alerts have been reviewed in a perspective paper: A. Claesson & A. Minidis, Chem. Res. Toxicol. 2018

SpotRM Web is developed by Awametox.

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Note that the license is free for academic use.